Rick Sanchez Costume Dress

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MNM Size Chart
MNM Size Chart


Rick Sanchez Costume Dress

Features two front pockets with all you’ll need for your inter-dimensional shenanigans.

This dress is printed using a high performance digital sublimation printing process to ensure it will be vibrant and long-lasting.

Made from 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
Hand wash in cold water only

Available in Womens Sizes XS-3XL

Please read the FAQ for all production and shipping times before purchase.

Model: Little Vamp of Heroes of Geek Cosplay

1 review for Rick Sanchez Costume Dress

    Sasha G.
    A truly Rickdiculously Amazing Dress. A MUST for Rick & Morty Fans! This dress is a dream come true! I'm a HUGE Rick and Morty fan and disabled cosplayer based in South Wakes UK that attends a lot of conventions and events with my partner Van Wolf and his group, Heroes of Geek - Shameless plug, please check out & subscribe to our YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNzCDTfJVAtNnnT6CH-HpAw Now whilst I have the labcoat, turquoise long sleeve top, brown pants etc I'm NOT a cosplayer. There's nothing wrong with that if you are BTW, it's just not my bag. Rick and Morty is EXTREMELY popular everywhere now and I didn't want to come across as just another girl cosplaying as Rick Sanchez coz it's cool or whatever. After endless searching and ridiculous price quotes, I came across across Much Needed Merch's website & Rick Sanchez dress and it's flipping awesome! This dress allows me to be Ricki Sanchez from the female Dimension FEM-28 and boy does it stand from the crowd! It's very comfortable, light and breathable to wear, whilst also very flattering. Also as a wheelchair user, sometimes clothes can ride up as you're constantly sat down and you find yourself pulling the dress down every five seconds to stop it riding up too far. This is not an issue with this dress thank goodness which is rare and a very welcomed surprise. The attention to detail on this dress is superb and it's very high quality with a bit of stretch to it. It even has useable pockets with a portal gun and hip flask in each pocket. Giving you all the effects you need without having to carry bulky props if you don't want to. Equally, this dress is very versatile and you can easily wear this dress anywhere and just channel your inner Rick wherever you go! I've had so many compliments when I've been out and about and people asking where I got it. The free shipping is absolutely incredible and I've yet to receive any custom charges. I cannot recommend this dress or company enough! I just ordered my Hulk The Musical Rick and Morty top and plan o eventually get through Much Needed Merch's entire Rick and Morty range! So thank you Much Needed Merch for being there for us geeks and making such awesome, high quality products! I'll definitely be back for more ASAP! So what are you waiting for my glip glops, get shopping!
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